Medicare/Medicaid Cost Reports

Medicare/Medicaid cost report preparation is multifaceted and an ever-changing legal obligation. Compliance and accuracy in Medicare cost reporting are crucial to maximizing CMS reimbursements, making it vital to your organization's financial health. Our expert team turns your Medicare cost report preparation into a unified and economic opportunity to optimize your revenue.

Medicare Medicaid Cost Reports

Why rely on us?

Non-Filing Medicare/Medicaid cost reports can result in suspended payments or missed reimbursement. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) estimates an average of over 200 hours of exploration and compilation effort required to answer each Medicare cost report questions. With over hundreds of cost reports filed since the 2012, Next Level Tax is more than equipped to handle your Medicare cost reporting effectively.

  • We simplify and streamline the process to an efficient way of filing Medicare cost reports.
  • Our team attends regular training to keep themselves updated with the latest changes in reporting.
  • We train in best practices to maintain patient and financial confidentiality.
  • We understand your requirements and establish a relationship of trust with our clients.

Next Level Tax is your first option for filing Medicare/Medicaid cost reports; our expertise and experience in this area sets us up for best performance.